4 Top Factors That Will Determine If Your House Will Sell

When selling your home there are 4 main factors that will help you to sell.

  1. Home's Condition.

If your home has been left for a few years you may have trouble selling it, consider investing some money.  Perhaps just new paint will do or maybe you would benefit from a new bathroom or kitchen.  Maybe some new clean furniture or giving the garden a good clean out.

2. Market.

What is the market like in your area?  If it is not good then perhaps you will be better to wait until it picks up to save having it sat unsold for a long time, if you are looking for extra money then maybe you could rent it until the market picks up.

3. Home's Location.

Are you in a location that everyone wants to live in - great.  If not then perhaps you will have to drop the price to accommodate that.

4. Price.

Priced too high, you could be left sat on the market for a long time and lose money in the long run.  Ask an experienced agent who knows the area's and market for a recommended sale price.

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