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Virgen del Carmen Parade 2017

If you are in Marbella this week then Sunday 16th July be sure not to miss the Virgen del Carmen parade.  The Virgen del Carmen is the protector of all fishermen and seamen.  There will be a parade leading to the port when the statue of the Virgen del Carmen will be taken out onto a boat and taken around the harbor.   People will say prayers for all the people at sea to be safe and there are even some that will not swim in the sea until after this day when they feel protected. (more…)

Spain Work/Life Balance

Spain is voted the second best country for their work/life balance.  The average leisure time per day is 15 hours, Spain has on average around 16 hours per day. (more…)

Where do the Rich and Famous buy Their Holiday Homes?

Holiday homes nowadays serves many purposes and way more than one visit a year in august for a family.  More and more people are concentrating on improving their lifestyle and a nice holiday is one important aspect of life.  Nowadays some holiday home owners visit their holiday home at least once a month. Take Marbella as an example, here is a 7 shining star holiday resort with the most beautiful and cleanest beaches, some of the best Michelin rated restaurants, great beach clubs, luxurious Ports, and all these afford you one of the most enviable lifestyles out there: The  MARBELLA LIFESTYLE.  Marbella with an amazing Micro-climate of 320 sunny days a year and international fame attracts Kings, queens and rich people from all parts of the planet. (more…)

Health Benefits From Going to the Beach


One of the top activities when people come to Marbella is going to the beach.  So today we are going to look at some of the health benefits of going to the beach, yes, you heard me right health benefits of going to the beach!!

All that fresh air seems to give you a better nights sleep.  The beach just seems to automatically relax you, unless maybe you get hit in the face with a football, ha ha! So with all the stress free from your mind you are more relaxed when going to bed and sleep better.  We all know how good it is for our health to get a good sleep every night.

The sun is the number one place to get your daily dose of Vitamin D which is really important for our bodies, you should try to get at least 10 mins in the sun every day.  Luckily for those in Marbella there is 360 days of sunshine every year so you will definitely not suffer from not getting enough vitamin D.

For everyone who pays a fortune on skin treatments and exfoliants for removing dead skin, save yourself some money, the sand can exfoliate and remove dead skin for free.

If you are looking to get in touch with your spiritual side then the beach is the best place to do it.  There is just something so relaxing and peaceful about being on the beach and it really helps you to appreciate nature.

The ocean crashing to shore helps to relax and fight off stress, thats why so many relaxation CDs have ocean sounds on it.  So if you feel like your head is about to explode go for a walk on the beach to help think clearly again.

Lastly if your are looking to get fit or lose weight the beach is the perfect place.  The sand is harder to walk or run on but has less impact on your joints and who wouldn't want to work out with a view of the sea?  Also a lot of us go to the beach with a football or bat and ball game so you are losing weight while having fun.  Swimming in the ocean is a perfect for exercising if the water is not too cold.  Just remember to check which flag is showing and do not swim when you see a red flag, it could be very dangerous as this means no swimming.

So what are you waiting for pack your bucket and spade and get to the beach.  Don't forget to contact us if you are looking to buy a property in Marbella to enjoy the benefits of being near the beach.

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Where Am I?

Imagine if there was a place by the sea , where sea was beautiful , beaches were clean, people were free, nobody disturbed nobody, where you could eat good food , healthy food , fresh sea food, where there was not much rain so if you lived there most of the year you could live outdoor , bbq, cycling, jogging, drinking your coffee in the morning watching the blue skies, soaking the sun, imagine if it was that safe too , so if you left your stuff in your convertible car with roof down nobody touched it, imagine if there was a lot of palaces and mansions around as if you lived next door to a king or queen of some countries, imagine if some of the people in neighbourhood then they were film stars, musicians , celebrities, philanthropists , imagine a place Where there was no winter literately never below 10 degrees , imagine if this place was in Europe so you enjoyed European laws, and imagine where locals were also nice, kind, and cultured, a place where you could show off your new Ferrari with people wanting to take photos of your car rather than being mean to you, imagine a perfect mix where you got 50% locals and 50% foreigners and if there was only top foreigners I mean doctors , lawyers , surgeons, businessmen, the type you prefer to have as neighbours ,so all that a tall order right? And you may say there are places like that , only if you could afford to spend couple of millions to get a pad , right ?wrong. There is such place it's called marbella  keep it a secret and only tell the nice people you know, Marbella it's all the above plus for as little as quarter of a million you can get a property . I wrote this one fine sunny Sunday afternoon sat around the pool watching the Mediterranean ocean, to be exact 24 September 2016 with temperature of 27 degrees felt it was only nice idea to share this with all the nice kind positive people out there , hope you all join us one day .

Max Pakbaz Founder & Dirdctor of South Spain Properties real estate in Marbella

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Guide to Retiring in Spain


There are many people that pick Spain as their go to place for holidays and finally to retire to.  With places like Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands being the most popular.

Why is that?  Well it is simple, great climate is probably number one.  Affordable homes by the sea, low living cost, entitlement to state healthcare for some (only for pensioners).

However even with all these reasons actually packing up and moving can be a daunting task.  So here are a few tips to help you make this exciting time a little less stressful.

If you are from the UK you can have your UK pension transferred to your Spanish bank account.  If you prefer to be in control of the transfer rate from Sterling to Euro then use a currency transfer specialist so you can pick the best rate.  If you need help with this we are in contact with companies that offer the best rates so get in touch if you want us to recommend someone.  If you have more than just a state pension (work pension plan or other investments) it is advisable to speak to a financial adviser beforehand to work out what your most economical option is.

As stated living costs can be lower but obviously not if you go eating at the most expensive restaurants every day.  You will need to plan carefully.  It would be beneficial to speak the language for this as when you find out where the locals go you will find the cheapest places.  Also the supermarket brand items are a really great price, also take advantage of buying food and clothes from the local market.  You will probably find that electricity and water work out around the same but remember air conditioning will bump up your electric bill.  Maybe you can buy a fan to save some money there.   Council tax will be a big saving to you if you are coming from the UK.  Spain call it IBI and on average it will be about a quarter of what you would pay in the UK.  Do also take into account if you live in a community that there will be a monthly community fee that varies from place to place.  Depending how much facilities the place has that needs taking care off like gardens, swimming pools and other facilities.  If you don´t want to bring your car you will be happy to know the public transport is cheap, you will find it very useful if you want to take a bus to the local shopping centre.

If you are moving to the Marbella area and use us as your estate agent we don´t just make a sale and leave you stranded.  We can help you find a good lawyer, get your water and electric set up.  Recommend where to buy furniture, plumbers, builders, electricians or whatever else you need.  We want your move to be as comfortable and stress free as possible.  If you are buying in another area then check with the estate agents what they are happy to help you with so you can work with someone you can rely on if you need help, either during the buying process or in the future if you get stuck.

If you are wanting to get stuck in to the culture but feeling a little home sick then along the coast you will find many people from your homeland.  There will also be many bars and restaurants that are catered for expats so you can have a little sense of home while you are trying to fit in.  Some people prefer to stick to the Spanish culture and some prefer to stick with what they know, the benefit is you can pick to indulge yourself in the Spanish culture as little or as much as possible.  Since these areas are full of international expats some people don´t even get involved in the Spanish culture and feel more comfortable sticking with the people from their own homeland.  The great thing is that the choice is completely up to you.

Spain is also one of the healthiest places in the world to live with one of the highest life expectancies.  This is due to the great climate, good healthcare, laid back lifestyle and diet.  Also with the good weather you find yourself outdoors more, walking, swimming, playing golf or other sports so you keep yourself in good shape.

It is a good idea to make a point of knowing how to contact emergency services when you get here including where the local hospital is, police station and town hall.  Get to know your neighbors too they may be able to give you some great advice about settling in.

Don´t forget to get internet and a mobile phone so you can keep in touch with your friends and family back home.

It is advisable to be in touch with a lawyer in Spain that is familiar with Spanish law and how things work here.  That way they can advise you on inheritance tax, if you should write up a new will for your assets in Spain etc.  We can always recommend a good lawyer that can speak your own language too if needed.  Also you can use a lawyer to help you obtain and NIE (identification number) if needed.  You will need this to buy a property in Spain and for a number of other things.

If you are planning to move to Spain permanently then you will need to become a tax resident here and pay your taxes here.  If you are unsure about anything like this or what you need to do then you should talk to a financial advisor who can help you figure out all your taxes etc.  If you plan to rent out your property to make extra money then you will also have to pay income tax, if you don´t and you get found out then you will end up in serious trouble.   You can also speak to a financial advisor in your home country too that specializes in helping expats when they leave so they can give you advice too.

Ask your town hall where you move to for a pensioners card (tarjeta de jubilado/ tarjeta de pensionista) this gets you certain discounts and other benefits.  You should also register with the town hall in the area you are moving to by filling out a padron document.   It is very straight forward and you will just need certain documents like ID, something showing your new address, a utility bill and the usual things like that.

Other things not to forget is home and life insurance.  Also remember your pets passport, any other documents for them and make sure that they have an ID chip before you move.

It does sound like a lot of work and maybe scary but with careful planning and organisation you can make your move seem easy and stress free.  Register on forums to talk to people who have been through similar and they can adivise you also.  Plus when you are living a beautiful life in the sunshine you will forget all about the move and be so happy you did it.

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BBQ Dinner Checklist

The weather is getting warmer and you are stocking up on food ready for all the bbq dinners you are going to have. 320091_10150338635148527_588917986_n 1502195_10151852058093527_1073642459_o Here is a list of some of the main foods you should have:

Meat - Burgers, sausage, steak, chicken, ribs and salmon tastes delicious when its smoked!

Bowl of baked beans

Bowl of salad

Crisps with selection of dips - Guacamole, sour cream, cheese.



and remember to get plenty of cheese for those burgers.

Make sure to stock up on those drinks too - remember to keep drinking water as well so you don´t dehydrate.


So we hope you all have a great summer and enjoy your bbq! :)

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