How to Achieve Your Goals in 2018

Wanting more success in 2018?

So another year has begun and you perhaps have made some resolutions.  How do you make sure you stick to them? Read on for some tips to help:


  1. For any big goal you want to achieve, break it down into smaller goals that you can tick off along the way, this will help to motivate you towards the big end goal.
  2. Don´t set goals that you really aren´t interested in pursuing, for example don´t say you will take up a new hobby like painting if you don´t even enjoy it to begin with.  You will never stick to new year resolutions that way.
  3. See if your family or friends are setting any goals that are the same as yours, this way you can do it together.  By having someone else there it will motivate you more and you can cheer each other on.
  4. Don´t set any goals that are too vague.  For example don´t set a goal like this year I will make more money.  Well how are you going to make more money?  What steps can you take to achieve this.
  5. Don´t set any goals that you don´t believe you can achieve.  If you don´t believe in yourself how do you expect to reach your goal?
  6. Whatever it is you want to achieve set aside time each day or once a week to make sure you don´t get preoccupied with other things and never get round to it.
  7. If you want to do more exercise or join a certain class.  Go and put your name down and actually pay for it.  Once you´ve put money down you are more likely to show up as otherwise you will feel like your throwing money away.
  8. Write you goal down on paper and stick them around where you can see, perhaps one on the fridge, one in the bathroom, on you bedside table that you see when you get up, on your phone, on your computer screen.  This way you are constantly reminded about what it is you want to achieve this year.
  9. Write down why you want to achieve this particular goal and when your feeling like giving up, remember what you wrote down.  When you think about why you wanted it in the first place, that is usually enough to get you back on track.
  10. Every time you complete one of your goals (or part of it if it is a big goal) make sure you treat yourself.  Go for dinner, have a pamper night, treat yourself to that new watch you wanted.  Giving yourself a little incentive will help to push you on to another part of your goal or another goal.
What else do you do to help keep yourself motivated when achieving new goals?  Leave us a comment.  
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