How to Adapt Your House When Two Becomes Three

So as the Kids are going back to school we thought we would do a post on how to adapt your house when expecting a baby.  Perhaps you would like to buy a bigger home but are not sure if it is necessary or not.  What you should be looking at is a good outdoor area, a good space for the day and more storage.

It would be wise to create a good kitchen area to make space for when you will be using a high chair, and also since the kitchen is generally the heart of any home where a lot of time is spent.  Think about connecting the kitchen and dining area to make a bigger space and also you can use this extra space to keep an eye on the little one while you are busy doing other things in the kitchen.  You can also now buy high chairs that will adapt as the child grows.  This way you can keep eating times in the kitchen/dining area at all times to keep the living area clean.

When it comes to the living room you will need as much space as possible as you will most likely have play mats etc on the floor.  If you don´t have much space then try sacrificing some space from an adjoining room.  Get rid of any old furniture that you no longer need and have a good clear out to get rid of any clutter.  Remember children will grab and try and get hold of anything and everything so put any objects you don´t want broken high up.  You want a layout where you can keep your eyes on the little one, keep areas as open as possible. There are also sofas now that come with two covers with the top one being machine washable.  Perfect for when you have a little one and may have some accidents on there.   Avoid tables with glass and buy furniture with rounded edges rather than pointed edges.  If you have any bookcases make sure you screw them to the wall, as the child grows you want to avoid accidents where they may grab onto things and pull themselves to stand up, you don´t want furniture falling on them.  If you have lights that are low down, use led lights as they are cool to the touch.

Remember when choosing a bedroom for your child that they grow quick so it is wise to pick furniture that will be versatile and can be used for several ages.  It needs to be bright and cheerful and you will want it to be close to your own room so its easy to check on them at night and so you can hear them if they need you.  Once again storage is key as children tend to end up with lots of toys especially around Christmas and birthdays.  Look for cots/beds with storage underneath.  Chairs with storage built in and good shelving units.

For flooring try to use softer materials for when the child is playing on the floor and also when the child starts crawling.  Think about using a rug on the area where you think they will spend the most time.

If you have a big garden perhaps you want to section of a part of it just for the children, that way you can keep and eye on them but still give them the freedom of moving around and playing.  Try to use solid chairs rather than folding chairs.  Again keep the area clean and not overgrown so you easily maintain it while you are busy with the little one.  If you have a pool then you should perhaps fence it off to avoid any accidents and also if you have a driveway then put a gate between the drive and the garden.  This way when your child is old enough and starts running they do not run off into the driveway in front of a moving car.

So that is it, just some basics on preparing your house for a new addition.  Remember, your time will be mostly with them so you need to plan your space to be easy to maintain and move around.  

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