How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

First thing is to always make your bed after you get up, that way your bedroom will always look nice when you come home.

Always wipe down the kitchen sides straight after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That way you will avoid build up of dirt that will take longer to remove the longer it is left.  Also if you use a dishwasher then you can always empty this as your waiting for the kettle to boil while making a drink.  That way it is always empty ready for the next load.

To avoid piles and piles of papers everywhere, make sure you only keep the things you really need.  Get a file for your bills that you can put away in a cupboard after you have paid them.  Any newspapers and magazines you have read put in the recycling.  Also keep a file if you have any fliers you want to keep eg. your local take away, don´t leave them piled up in a corner.

Be sure to buy TV Stands, computer tables etc with spaces to hide the cables, this is a quick way to keep your rooms looking more organized.

As soon as you arrive home hang up your coat and put away your bag and shoes, that way you will save having to do it later and also stop you from ending up with a pile of clothes laying around and falling over your shoes.

Find boxes that you can store under beds, chairs, tables etc to keep things out of the way and make your home look less cluttered.

If you don´t have a dishwasher then as you are cooking, clean as you finish using something.  You will have more space to continue with cooking and less dishes to wash after eating.

Organize your food so it is easier to get to.  For example keep oil and other things you use for cooking near to the cooker.  Keep fruits etc in the same area and dry foods in the same area.  This will help to get to items easier and remember where things are.

Don´t leave towels lying around on the floors or surfaces, always hang them up to keep your bathroom looking clean.

Keep all your beauty products organized.  Ones that you use often keep in a drawer or cupboard that is easy to get to and ones that you use less often can go further back.  Always put them away when you have finished with them.

Lastly the night before always pick out your outfits.  This way you save time the next morning looking for that perfect outfit and leaving a mess as you try to find it in a hurry.

Do you have any more ideas or things you do to keep your home tidy?

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