Mistakes to Avoid in Decoration

When decorating your home there are some mistakes to avoid, especially if you are thinking of selling.

First of all when painting the walls you want to stick to whites and creams.  This will help your home look brighter and smaller rooms will appear larger than what they really are.

Don´t clutter your shelves, apart from the fact it will take more time to clean, it will make your space look smaller.  Stick to a few select ornaments as a focal point and the rest put away in a box, or use this as an excuse to get rid of some items that you do not need anymore.

Sometimes when designing our living room we try and make it stylish and it ends up being uncomfortable when sitting.  When placing furniture imagine you have friends there chatting and place chairs facing each other to encourage interaction rather then glued to walls.  Don´t have too many cushions on your chairs so you and your guests end up sat on the edge of the seats.

When it comes to having photos and art work try not to have too many.  You don´t want the walls to feel bare but also too many and the place will feel too cluttered and dark.  Also remember any pictures you hang on the wall to not place them too high.  Think of eye line when people are stood up and sat down as an example of where to hang.

Everyone thinks it´s nice to have a clean white kitchen, however, it can look cold and too white.  To make it look more homely you can buy colourful appliances and put plants and a bowl of fruit around to add colour.

Sometimes all you home needs it to just move things around and try a new layout, a new lick of paint or some new flowers.  Get rid of anything you don´t need and give your home a fresh wave of energy.

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