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Receive Your UK Post While in Spain

For a small fee, a new on-line ‘post office’ will receive your UK post to a new secure postal address – typically redirected from a UK home. They will then scan the envelope and make it available for you to see via your on-line account.  You  then decide whether you want the contents to be scanned and made securely available for you to read on-line, or you would like each letter forwarded, shredded or recycled! Another additional service lets you have on-line shopping or parcels sent to your UK postal address and then forwarded on to you in Spain, at your request. For more information and to sign up to this clever service, click here

Time to Buy Property Yet?

When is the right time to buy property?

I have been involved in Real Estate for the last 30 years in a few countries in Europe and for that I have gained tremendous experience.  It goes without saying that most people that I have been working with, they built their empire with buying and selling properties. (more…)