Sellers Guide: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You may think that when it comes to selling your home you just put it for sale and wait for a buyer but there is so much you can do to help sell your home...  First thing is give everywhere a really good clean, don't forget the blinds and air conditioning vents.  Get rid and replace anything that can't be cleaned, eg:
  • Doors and or door knobs,
  • light switch covers,
  • blinds/curtains,
  • carpets/rugs,
  • settee covers/cushion covers/bedding,
  • air conditioning vents.
Be sure to paint both indoor and exterior walls if need be.

Bleach or re-grout kitchen and bathroom tiles.

If needed and you have the money renew bathrooms and kitchen, people really love the feeling of a clean new bathroom/kitchen

Get rid of old furniture and minimise it to show good floor space.  Get rid of anything personal or put it in storage, buyers want to imagine themselves living there which is hard to do when your things are lying around.

Get rid of any cooking utensils you don't need and de-clutter your kitchen cabinets.

Get rid and replace dead plants or prune existing flowers, don't have your home or garden looking like a jungle though, keep it open and fresh looking.

Organise your garage so it looks clean and tidy, get rid of anything you no longer need.

When your expecting a viewing:

Clean the house so it looks and smells fresh.

Put away children's toys and any pet items.

Keep coffee tables and dining tables empty except for a nice centre piece like a plant.  Dining tables should have 4/6 chairs, any extra should be stored away.  Also don't leave ash trays on tables, put them out of sight.

Make sure kitchen surface is clean and empty, don't leave anything on the worktops.

Give the oven/stove and sinks a good scrub so they are spotless.   Clean out the fridge so it looks nicely organised and remove any fridge magnets etc.  Make sure the cupboards are organised.

Put away your cleaning items (mop etc) and take out the rubbish.

Make sure your beds are made and remove personal items from bedside.  Put clothes/shoes away and don't leave laundry lying around.

Check light bulbs and replace if needed (high wattage is better to make the place look brighter).

Make sure toilet is clean and flushed, put all extra toiletries out of sight just leaving hand soap.  Make sure towels are folded nicely and are clean.

Clean balcony and any outdoor furniture, sweep or hose down pathways.  Make sure windows look clean especially if the views are a selling point.

One last point is to consult with your estate agent on what their ideas are for how to sell your home.  Also listen to their professional opinion on price as an overpriced property will just sit on the market and wont sell no matter what you do.  You can also speak to your estate agent if you've had viewings but no sale to see what the problem may be and what you could do differently.

Are you looking to sell your home but don't know where to start?  Contact us so one of our experienced agents can help you get the best deal when selling your property.

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