Bullfighting to Return to Marbella

Marbella had its first bullring in 1964 with the first bullfight in June.  A Couple of years ago it was banned and was going to be used to host events, concerts etc.

Now it seems that it is set to return, the town hall wants to give it a refurbishment and get back to using it for what it was originally built for.

This of course is a very bold move as it will be upsetting a lot of people who feel the sport is cruel and should not be allowed.  On the other hand there are people who feel that it is the tradition of the country and a part of it´s history.

There are already people in protest against this and are starting a petition to get it banned before it has even started.  

What are your thoughts to this sport?  Are you for or against? Leave a comment below. 

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