The Complete Guidebook for Buyers

This booklet is a complete guide for buyers.        


The Basics:    

      6 reasons to own a home  

        6 reasons to work with a realtor      

    Prepare for house hunting    

      Prepare to buy a home    

      Track your budget  

        Improve your credit    

      Prepare to finance your home    

      Questions to ask when choosing a lender  

        The Property:      

    Define you dream home          

Questions to ask about the neighborhood  

        Questions to ask when considering a home  

        The transaction:      

    Service provider contacts        

  Buy in a tight market    

      Transaction documents      

    The Move:    

      Prepare for the move    

      Pack like a pro    

      Move with pets      

    Checklist for new owners

        To get your free guidebook just click here    

    I hope you find this useful. Also available is The Guidebook for Sellers and Guidebook for Homeowners.      

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