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Foreign Plate Cars in Spain

The time when you could drive around Spain with illegally registered cars is coming to an end.   I have just read on the internet that The Guardia are stopping ALL UK & Foreign plated cars checking documents, if you can not prove there and then the vehicle is legal then they give you 5 days to register it in Spain or they will take the car and crush it. I'm not quite sure how they can do this without knowing if you are actually on holiday or you are planning to stay here.  Unless you have to show documents of where you are staying and provide details of your return trip to your own country.  I did hear in the past the way they caught people out was by catching the ones who are dropping the kids off at school (because obviously if your kids are in school then you must be living here). Let's see if they can get a grip on it.  And for all those out there who are interested, we do have a contact of someone who can help change your plates if you need it.  Just contact us.