Marbella News

The first bit of news that we have heard is that the Les Roches University in Marbella has received the Andalucia Award for Excellence.
coffee_and_chokolate (2)
And for those of you who are coffee lovers and miss your Starbucks, there is a new starbucks opening in El Corte Ingles at Puerto Banus.  It will be open from Wednesday 17th December.
Next year Marbella is set for an international construction company to build a multi-million euro housing project.  We will give you more news on that as it develops.
There are also rumors that there will be a new reality show in Marbella. It sounds like it will be similar to TOWIE and is by the same production company that produced Geordie Shore.  There are both people for and against this.  Some people think it will bring publicity to the area and help to put Marbella on the map even more than it is already.  Other people however, think it may reflect badly on Marbella and put some people off.  They think it may make the place look tacky and discourage the more classy people from wanting to come; if they see drunken people fighting in the streets and all the rest of the drama you usually get from reality TV.   What does everyone else think? Should Marbella jump on the reality TV bandwagon or not?  I guess we will see, if the pilot goes well then they are set to do a full series next summer.
As for the rest of Spain there seems to be a lot of upset over google closing its doors on google news in Spain which takes effect today (16th December).  This is due to a new legislation where each publisher can charge others including google who post their content.   Google does not advertise and so does not earn enough revenue to pay for this.  Some people think this is a mistake as google helps to spread the name of your business and helps others to find your publications.  This in the long run could end up costing business´s more as they may have to pay more to advertise their own content rather than letting google spread it for free.
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