Why Expats Should Not Panic and Rush Back to UK

With the consequences of Brexit still unclear there are some British already packing to go back to the UK in fear that things may turn pear shaped.

First of all we do not actually know what the final outcome will be, things are so unclear and wouldn't you be upset if you upped and moved back only to find you could have actually stayed in your home abroad with no problem?   Plus once you leave, if a good solution is reached, you may not be able to afford to come back and start again.  Would you regret your decision?

Many people who sell their home in Spain and France will find the money they make will not be enough to buy a property in the UK and may leave them with more money troubles than if they just stayed put.

For Spain the British Expats and tourists bring in a lot of money for their country, so it's in their interest to come up with a solution to make it easy for Brits to move freely otherwise they will risk a big drop in their own economy.

Many people worry about not being able to get healthcare, before rushing back why not get some quotes on private healthcare, you may be surprised at how affordable and useful it can be.  Plus if Brexit goes really bad there is a chance the UK will no longer be able to provide free healthcare anymore as they may not be making enough income to support the service.  With the shortage of nurses and doctors, how long would you have to wait to get seen by a doctor?  Would it make a difference in the treatment you receive?

Some have also raised concerns about their pension but as things also are not clear it is best to wait and see exactly what will happen after Brexit.  If you are really worried make sure to keep following the news on this issue to see what the outcome may be for your pension.  Also bear in mind that many products in Britain have gone up in price since Brexit so your pension may not spread as far as it did in the past.

So as you can see there are already a number of things to consider before panicking and making a dash back to the UK.  Even with all this up in the air we still have many Brits escaping and buying property here so why would you up and leave your home when its not even clear what the final outcome will be.  Think about it if every single British expat fled back to the UK then the country would be bursting at the seams with people.  It could not possibly cope with the amount of people so they will have to come up with a solution to suit everyone.  There are still people in hope that Brexit will still not go through.

In our opinion it is best to try and wait it out until there are more clear answers before making any rash decision.  However if you do decide to sell up or on the flip side if you are looking to leave the UK and move to Marbella then contact us to help you sell or buy your property.


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