Is It Necessary To Use a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home?

Buying a home is a big event, especially if it is your first home. There will probably
be many things you don't know, because you simply haven't been through the
home buying process before. One of the most common questions of first-time
home buyers is whether they need to hire an agent.

There is nothing that requires anyone to hire an agent. You can find homes
for sale on your own and work directly with the seller. The problem with
that is that the seller has their own best interests in mind. They will try to get
the highest possible price.

Working with an agent gives you the advantage of having a knowledgeable
and experienced agent looking out for your best interests. Your agent will help you
find property that meets your needs. They will then assist you in negotiations to help
you get it at the lowest possible price.

An experienced agent will also know the market, they will be able to assist you based on your needs. For example if you are looking for a property for investment and not to live in, an agent will know the best areas and qualities to look for in an investment. On the other hand you may have a more emotional approach and look at properties you like. While this is good for a property you wish to live in, it is not necessarily the best investment if you are looking to rent it or have a good resale value in the future.

There may be properties out there that a seller would like to sell but does not want to advertise as they donĀ“t have time to entertain everyone who claims they may be interested. In this case the seller would let an agent or agents know about the property (known as a pocket listing) and by working with an agent is the only way you would get to know about these properties.

A buyer's agent is not necessary when you are buying a home, but having someone
with experience on your side can make your home buying experience a more
pleasant and potentially less expensive one.

Happy House Hunting!

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