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Pack Your Suitcase ✈

Is there really hope for a holiday this year?

To say it has been a tough year perhaps is putting it mildly.  However, there is hope that this year will be better and there is more chance of getting that well deserved holiday this year. 


New Hotels and More

Get Ready For Your Next Vacation. Times have been tough and it has been near impossible to get a holiday during the Covid-19 outbreak.  However, with the vaccines, this summer you may be able to get on that sandy beach.  The UK is already saying they will be allowed to Spain this summer on vacation.  They will still have to take a test to show they are negative for the virus but by showing their proof of vaccine they will be placed on a lower risk cagetory and will be able to move around more freely. 

Things To Do During Quarantine

Just to confirm although our office is closed during this time of quarantine all our agents are working from home and can still be contacted. Our office phone has been redirected so you can still call and get put through to an agent. Now that being said if you feel like your climbing the walls, desperate for something to do, read on.