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Visit Puerto Banus

A lot of people like to visit the port area of Puerto Banus when they come to Marbella.  To have a look at the fast cars, designer shops and yachts that are owned by millionaires and billionaires. (more…)

The Marbella Dream

Some people dream about living in Marbella, some people are billionaires and have their bachelor celebrations starting with a staged kidnap from their Marbella Mansion and fly around on their private jet, like this guy: (more…)

UK Galaxy Pageant 2018

So if you have been following our blog you will remember we sponsored Ms South Yorkshire Galaxy in this years UK Galaxy Pageant.  She has just received her photos back and shared them with us.  Here is a selection of some from each round:  (All Photos are Credited to Monsignor Photography, please do not share without permission) (more…)

Virgen del Carmen Parade 2017

If you are in Marbella this week then Sunday 16th July be sure not to miss the Virgen del Carmen parade.  The Virgen del Carmen is the protector of all fishermen and seamen.  There will be a parade leading to the port when the statue of the Virgen del Carmen will be taken out onto a boat and taken around the harbor.   People will say prayers for all the people at sea to be safe and there are even some that will not swim in the sea until after this day when they feel protected. (more…)

Spain Work/Life Balance

Spain is voted the second best country for their work/life balance.  The average leisure time per day is 15 hours, Spain has on average around 16 hours per day. (more…)

Where do the Rich and Famous buy Their Holiday Homes?

Holiday homes nowadays serves many purposes and way more than one visit a year in august for a family.  More and more people are concentrating on improving their lifestyle and a nice holiday is one important aspect of life.  Nowadays some holiday home owners visit their holiday home at least once a month. Take Marbella as an example, here is a 7 shining star holiday resort with the most beautiful and cleanest beaches, some of the best Michelin rated restaurants, great beach clubs, luxurious Ports, and all these afford you one of the most enviable lifestyles out there: The  MARBELLA LIFESTYLE.  Marbella with an amazing Micro-climate of 320 sunny days a year and international fame attracts Kings, queens and rich people from all parts of the planet. (more…)