Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

With the Christmas decorations gone, perhaps your home feels a little bare or you just love an excuse to theme out. So with valentine's day coming up, here a few tips on decorating your home.

  • Stick to red and pink colours.
  • Buy red and pink flowers and place them around the house.
  • Place candles around the house (be creative and place them in the shape of a heart).
  • If you like being OTT put up a red or pink Christmas tree and decorate it with heart shaped baubles and red/pink tinsel.
  • Place pink and red balloons around the house.
  • Leave your loved one heart shaped notes.
  • Use valentine's themed plates/cups etc.
  • Use a valentine's themed table cloth and table/cup mats.
  • Lastly check the shops for other themed items that you could use in your home, eg: napkins, decorative containers, things that hang on the doors/windows/walls, banners, posters, decorative pillows/cushions/throws and doormats.

So there you have a list of items to decorate your home, we hope this has inspired you and leave a comment of any other ideas you have.

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