How to Have an Office at Home

We all think its good to be able to work from home but how do you separate your home life from your work life? First of all make sure you allocate a good space for this.  Try to keep it away from the rest of the house, maybe in the spare room that doesn´t get used that often.  Keeping it away from other areas will help you separate yourself between work and home life.

Next you need to think about what you are doing in the space so you can arrange it.  Do not make it too casual as this will affect productivity.  Make sure there is good light, buy a desk lamp if needed.  Keep all work related things in this one space, do not leave things all around the house, this will stop you from thinking about work when you are supposed to be relaxing.

If you will be making calls from home then be sure to get a separate phone line for work, this way you can switch to answer machine when you are not working and avoid calls at inconvenient times.

Set yourself proper work hours and stick to it.  Don´t get into the habit of watching TV when you know you should be working.  Try not to get into the habit of working in your dressing gown, get dressed as if you were going out to work.  This way you wont feel too relaxed and become less productive.

Don´t buy any equipment that is not necessary and on the flip side make sure you have all equipment and tools that you will need to successfully do your job.

Although you are at home and may find it easy to float between work and home life make sure you set proper breaks and dinner time so you don´t get too consumed in work.

Lastly when it is time to finish work make sure you stop; don´t think well just 5 minutes more and end up working until late at night.  Leave the area and don´t go back there until the next day, again you don´t want it to consume you.  Give yourself time to unwind like you usually would if you had to go out to work.  

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