Q&A With The Founder Of SSP

Have you ever wanted to ask a Real Estate Agent some questions, well here is your chance to get some answers. We did a Q&A with Max Pakbaz - Founder and CEO of South Spain Properties:

So why Marbella?

Why not Marbella? Show me another city in Europe that can offer the same  climate (320 sunny days per year), amenities, luxury hotels, golf courses, luxury urbanizations, great restaurants, best international schools and on top of that is also affordable for many if not all.

Who buys in Marbella ¿Millionaires?

No, absolutely not. Yes Millionaires love it in Marbella as they enjoy the world class services we have here available, however, in Marbella there is a fantastic lifestyle for all, you can still have a great property for 300K and a great meal for 2 people for less than 80 Euros. I'm talking quality.

I always see you stress on Marbella, why?

Location, location, location, if you want to invest in brick & mortar don't forget the main parameter, location.

Is Marbella spanish?

Marbella has a 50,50 population. Approximately, 50% Spanish resident and 50% foreigners.

Who is your average foreign home owner in Marbella?

Your average foreign home owner in Marbella is from northern parts of europe & UK, some from US & canada. Most of them use these properties as a holiday home, typically they are rich and well educated.

Which other cities do you think compete with Marbella?

Well, look, Monaco is also nice and luxury if you can spend 2 million for an apartment. Here you can have a property starting from 300K. Mallorca is also nice but has a long rainy season. Barcelona is nice too but it's more tourist orientated. There is also Benidrom and Almeria, they are very different from classy Marbella in terms of properties, amenities and clientele.

What are the general plans for the future of Marbella?

Marbella has been the Crown jewel of Spain for as long as 50 years now. Marbella is the reference of luxury and will always be. With already having some of the most spectacular world class hotels like Marbella club hotel, golf courses, restaurants and shops, we have more coming, soon, we will have a new W hotel, four seasons and hope to get a new luxury port.

What's Marbella in one sentence?

Wake up with the sun, enjoy your day with the mild temperature all year round, spend the day on the beach or play golf , enjoy a good dinner in one  of the classy restaurants of Marbella, enjoy a glass of wine by the evening watching the sunset!

So there you have it. Some of your best questions answered.

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