Recent News

Well Christmas is on its way and the shops are starting to fill up with decorations.  La Cañada has the tree up ready to be decorated and the lights up ready to be switched on.

There are many improvements going on around Marbella centre.  If you walk around you will see areas fenced of and work taking place.   They are trying to improve drainage to prevent flooding when it rains.  Renew footpaths and improve things like water, electricity, gas mains etc.  It will take a few months to complete but I´m sure the place will look even better once completed.

The weather at the moment is really warm for November.  Some days it feels more like summer.  The other day was 25 degrees and people were walking around in shorts.  So if you are looking for a warmer Christmas then with the micro climate, Marbella could be the place for you.

The property market is definitely on the up with sales rising and many cheaper properties completely sold out and it is much harder to find anything under €200,000 if anything at all.

We do have an amazing penthouse coming on the market soon.  Right on the beach front of Marbella, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Fully furnished with underground car park.  We will let you know once this becomes available with full details but this is the beautiful view from the penthouse:


If you need any help finding your dream home in Marbella then do not hesitate to contact us.

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