Things To Do During Quarantine

Just to confirm although our office is closed during this time of quarantine all our agents are working from home and can still be contacted. Our office phone has been redirected so you can still call and get put through to an agent. Now that being said if you feel like your climbing the walls, desperate for something to do, read on.

If you are working from home then it is best to get all your work done first thing otherwise you may end up procrastinating and getting nothing done.

Give your home a really good clean, all those areas you keep meaning to clean and de-clutter but never got around to, now is the perfect time to get everything in order.

Also while cleaning you can get your tools out and finish all those DIY jobs you started but never finished.

There are many online courses being offered for free right now so improve your skills or even learn something new, perhaps take that fashion course you always wanted to do but didn't have time.

Get creative, paint, draw, learn new music, do a jigsaw, make something out of things lying around the home, use google to find inspiration, perhaps you can put together a shoe tidy or wine rack or storage for the kids.

Exercise, it is so important to keep active during this time and not stay glued to the sofa in front of the TV. There are work out routines on TV, on YouTube, you can simply just walk or run around the house.

Use the time to just spend quality time with those who are at home with you, perhaps you are all usually off doing your own thing and now you have time to really get to know each other again. If you are on your own use the time to skype or call people, even window visit your neighbours from your own window (if you're close enough) and see how they are getting on.

Get out those books you meant to get round to reading and read them now.

Listen to inspiring, audio, watch inspiring videos to keep your mind healthy.

Play games, board games, computer games, whatever games you have access to.

Write that book you always thought about writing and learn how to self publish it on Amazon.

Learn how to cook and get your cook books out to make your family the best dishes they've ever tasted or just learn how to eat healthier.

Lastly just rest, use this time to rest which perhaps you haven't done for a long time.

Give thanks to everyone working right now who are helping us to stay safe, write a note online or publish a video to social media or just say thanks out loud. Clap outside at the designated time to show your appreciation.

That should give you plenty to be getting on with, what ways have you been keeping busy? Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you all soon.

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