Turn Your Home Into a Hotel

If you are missing holidays or feel like you could really use one, why not get creative with your own home?

Starting with the bedroom, a hotel room is very minimal so get rid of all your clutter and make sure all your clothes are hung up in the cupboard. Change your bedding to some nice clean white bedding just like the hotel beds. Make sure your bed is made every day (maid service is cancelled for now, sorry). Get out your holiday clothes and only wear these for a few days (you may need a jumper or to turn your heating up if your are in a cold country). De-clutter the rest of the house while you are at it, make it feel like a holiday resort. Put holiday towels on the backs of chairs, leave sunglasses and sun hats out. Get out photos of you on previous holiday's and leave them around so you can imagine yourself back there again.

In your bathroom only use white towels. Use your holiday shampoo's, perhaps in your bathroom you even have some little hotel shampoo's (we wont tell anyone). When it's bath time, light some candles, get a good book, a wine/beer/herbal tea and really feel like you are in a spa somewhere far away from home.

Watch foreign channels on your TV for a real holiday style moment or don't watch TV at all. When it comes to breakfast time, treat yourself to a big holiday style buffet (there's no staff to help though). Put some fruit out, some bread, bacon and eggs, have some orange juice or coffee or tea or all of them, however you usually have it on holiday. Have breakfast in bed if that's what you do on holiday.

Get other family members to provide nightly entertainment like singing, comedy shows or whatever else you can think of.

Weather permitting, get outside and enjoy your garden/terrace. Pretend you're sat by the holiday pool, make yourself a cocktail, read a book/magazine. Blow up inflatable pool floaties and just throw them on the garden. Put little umbrellas in your drink. Have a BBQ if possible.

Don't do any housework during this time to really enjoy it, or as little as possible. What else do you do on holiday that you can fit in your day?

Although this may sound silly, it is possible that by properly doing this and really imagining you are on holiday, could really improve your mood and help keep you happy while having to stay home.

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