Where do the Rich and Famous buy Their Holiday Homes?

Holiday homes nowadays serves many purposes and way more than one visit a year in august for a family.  More and more people are concentrating on improving their lifestyle and a nice holiday is one important aspect of life.  Nowadays some holiday home owners visit their holiday home at least once a month. Take Marbella as an example, here is a 7 shining star holiday resort with the most beautiful and cleanest beaches, some of the best Michelin rated restaurants, great beach clubs, luxurious Ports, and all these afford you one of the most enviable lifestyles out there: The  MARBELLA LIFESTYLE.  Marbella with an amazing Micro-climate of 320 sunny days a year and international fame attracts Kings, queens and rich people from all parts of the planet.



Starting  from 1950's when Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe opened The Marbella Club ; celebrities and Europe's Royal Elite began to make Marbella their preferred holiday destination. In the early days of Marbella, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant could be spotted in Marbella where the only telephone to make a call abroad was only available in Marbella Club Hotel.  Since then stars like Sean Connery, Prince and Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones fell in love with the charm of Marbella and chose to buy a holiday home here.  Gunilla Von Bismarck (titled queen of Marbella), the great grand daughter of Otto Von Bismarck (first chancellor of Germany) moved here to Marbella in 1960´s and continues to love Marbella; according to her the magic of the place is in its climate and fresh air.


The forever continueing love affair of Royal family of Saudi is one of the most remarkable one, where King Fahad , in the Middle of the Golden Mile of Marbella owns his own Palace rising to the blue skies of Marbella worth more than 50 Million Euros.  In the same area, his Brother King Salman owns another super palace with private helipad, where many more Saudi prince and princesses who remain in Marbella enjoy a discreet private life.


Some other famous celebrities who chose to get a piece of this Mediterranean paradise is Lord Alan Sugar with his beachfront Villa in the Golden Mile, Simon Cowel and the late great Cilla Black who passed away recently in her Marbella House.


Movie stars Antonio Banderas originally from Malaga, and George Clooney also own private mansions in Marbella.  If you wish to understand the average profile of some rich people in Marbella, take a look at Puerto Banus, where they show off their luxury yachts, some worth more than 50 Million Euros.


The list goes on and on and thats not even including many famous and successful rich people who wish to live in Marbella in anonymity.  Here at South Spain Properties we have celebrity and famous clients that we cant even tell the public about or where they live in Marbella, as we have signed a confidentiality agreement with them when helping them finding a luxury home.


As Founder of South Spain Properties, working in Marbella for so many years, if I were to say why I recommend Marbella, the main reason is that its not actually only for Billionaires, and in fact it is also affordable in most parts for many people with the main reason being the wonderful Marbella Lifestyle.  The Marbella lifestyle is a great dish made from exquisite ingredients including, best climate in Europe with more than 320 sunny days a year, international popularity, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan, international airport, safe and a wonderful open minded culture of main habitants.  Yes it's true if you are looking for a beachfront mansion in the Golden Mile, you need to ask your bank for some serious money however in Marbella starting from 200,000 Euros you can purchase a great apartment, or from approx. 800,000 Euros own a great luxury villa.


Max Pakbaz Founder of South Spain Properties, Marbella

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