Why It’s Important to Register on the Padron

In Marbella there is a new foreigners department in the Adolfo Suarez Conference Centre.  This is a place to go to receive information and help for citizens and administration.  Recently the mayor of Marbella held a conference there to explain why it is important to register on the padron.  You do this when you move to a new town.

It is important to do this as the more people who register the more money the government gives to that town for their budget of expenses.  A lot of expat's do not bother which means the town could be suffering with upkeep if they are not receiving a good budget.  If all of the unregistered people of Marbella went to add themselves to the padron perhaps you would see a difference in the upkeep of the town.  Sometimes when you need to prove your address you also need to register, for things like opening a bank account or getting conected to electricity.

The mayor also made it clear that there is no connection between registering on the padron and registering for a fiscal residence or paying taxes, the two databases are in no way connected.

The council is also organising days to celebrate the 143 different nationalities of Marbella to help them feel more welcome.  There will also be conferences and information days organised to help people settle in and adapt to life in Marbella.  To read more about what is happening in Marbella and if you need help have a look through the council webite by clicking here.  To see what is going on at the conference centre and what events are coming up click here.

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