Why Now is a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate

Still on the fence about whether you should make that purchase or not?  Here are some great reasons why you should go ahead.


The banks are lending again.  Back in 2007 and 2008 when the recession hit hard the banks really tightened their criteria making it virtually impossible to get a mortgage.  They are now becoming more relaxed and making it easier to get a mortgage again.

Real Estate investors will benefit from low interest rates.  The interest rates were slowly climbing over the past year until recently.  But the current market situation has made the interest rates lower so it is a perfect time to get yourself lower monthly payments.  In a few years you will either be thinking what a good job getting a mortgage with such low rates, or you will be kicking yourself saying we should have got it back then in 2016.

Although prices are on the up there are still some good deals you can get your hands on.  Now is the perfect chance to get your dream home for a good price and you can make a profit selling it in a year at minimum.  Or you can wait and pay top price and then you may lose money on it should you decide to sell in the future.  Some of the properties that we sourced for our clients less than a year ago, we have already sold them for the client with a healthy profit.  Plus for that year they did not have to pay a hefty rent that you find on many properties in this area.

With job security not what it once was, Real Estate investing is one of the greatest ways to make money - if you use an honest Estate Agency like ours to help you pick the best buys and help you decide when to sell.  That way your job doesn´t have to be a necessity, more like optional.

With technology what it is you can keep in touch with your Estate Agent by email and phone,  updating you with new projects or interesting renovations.  Plus now you can send your property deposits from anywhere in the world.  If you have a lawyer here and give them power of attorney you don´t even have to move from your arm chair.

The biggest reason why you should buy now?  Because in ten years you will be wishing you did!!

So do not delay get in touch with us and let us help you find that property you´ve been thinking about.  Before you miss your chance.


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