Your SSP Relocation Guide

Relocating to a new area or new country? read on for our guide on how to achieve relocating successfully. 

Research the areas you are interested in. Do they have all the facilities you require? E.g. You cannot live without your special yoga class, do they have similar in the area you want to move? Your child is ready for college but you want them close by, do they have a good college in the area you want to move? Do you have a job lined up or you need to find work? Check what opportunities are available to you.

Contact a real estate agent in the area you are looking at.  Make sure they are reputable, check their reviews on google.  When we work with buyers, we help them narrow down their search so when it comes to viewing they don't have their time wasted by looking at homes not suitable for their criteria.

If you need a mortgage speak to a broker to get pre approved so you know exactly what price range you should look at.  Also find a reputable lawyer to help make sure your purchase goes smoothly.  If you need either of these while looking for a home in Marbella we are happy to recommend companies to you.

When you are closer to buying get your realtor to email you with a list of properties you may be interesting in.  This way you save time by narrowing down your search before visiting and don't tire yourself out walking round properties that won't interest you.  Ready for your email property list in Marbella? Contact us now with your criteria and we'll get straight on it.

Lastly work out what your deal breakers are.  We all have things we would like to have but perhaps we can't have them all.  What can you not live without?  Keep this in mind so you know when you should not lose a deal that ticks your must have boxes.

All that's left is to buy your home and move in.  Contact us now if you're looking to relocate to Marbella.

I hope you liked this post and be sure to keep up to date with our blog for all the latest news. To book an appointment or for more information on our properties contact us now.  

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