We are South Spain Properties.  To read all about South Spain Properties you can visit our website here

This blog is somewhere for us to post about anything to do with Properties, Marbella (where we are based) and anything else that we think of.

Feel free to add you comments but please keep it clean and all comments will be monitored and may be removed without warning to yourselves.

We would like to keep this a fun and informative page for all, email us with any recommendations at info@southspainproperties.com

Please do not post any offensive or hateful comments and also note we cannot be held responsible for any comments other than our own but we will do our very best to monitor as much as possible. We will not accept any advertising or spam comments.

All our blogs are based on news we read and hear and we do not intend to offend anyone.  If you believe you are the owner to any pictures posted and that we should not use them then please contact us with the proofs and we would be happy to remove it.

 That being said, enjoy our blog!!


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