Marbella to Bring Back Class

So last summer in Marbella there was a lot of drunken behaviour which if that is what you enjoy then I would not come to Marbella this year as the authorities are clamping down on unacceptable behaviour.  To keep the balance there will be new regulations in place this year so if you are planning a trip to Marbella then be sure to read on.

If you want to enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine and hang out with friends, then go ahead, however, those seen to be inappropriate (no shirts on for the guys, bikinis for the girls, no shoes or any other explicit nature) will be hit with a warning which if you ignore you will then be hit with a fine of up to €750.  So when hitting Ocean club or just hanging out on the beach, remember to bring something to cover up with.  So guys if you want your tan then stick to sunbathing on the beach then put your shirt on as you leave.  Ladies buy a nice cover up (see through is not accepted) and for those on your hen/stag party be very careful with what you chose as fancy dress and what props you use, perhaps keep it on the DL until you get to your party location.

The authorities don't want to stop anyone's fun but after the problems last year (peeing outside a jeweller's in Puerto Banus, passed out naked in the street to name a couple) most of the locals/business owners would like to see Marbella back to its high class, elegant location (sorry if that offends you).

So if you are travelling to Marbella then just bare in mind to pack something other than just your swimsuit if you are planning to go to places other than the beach/pool.  Also don't forget you sun cream!!

That being said we have some amazing new places open this year so we are in for an amazing summer so look forward to seeing you.

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