2017 To Be A Good Year for Real Estate in Marbella

2016 was a year of uncertainty for the property market thanks to Brexit putting many people on hold with investment plans while they see how it affects the market.  However, here in Marbella thanks to the town being multi-cultural even with the loss of some British buyers there were buyers from other parts of the world.  Here at South Spain Properties we saw a surge of buyers from France and Italy.

Although over the years in Spain the property market has been up and down, Marbella has kept a steady influx of new buyers thanks to the lifestyle that is on offer.

With December and January usually being quieter compared to the rest of the year we have already been run off our feet with enquiries and sales.  This shows that even though bank repossessions are sold and with prices showing an increase, people are still interested to come to Marbella and invest in the lifestyle.  This includes the weather, laid back atmosphere and the fact that there are so many different cultures living here that you can feel right at home.

This also shows us that 2017 looks to be very profitable in the property sector especially as we have seen many new complex's being developed and more plans to develop this year.  People are buying off-plan, something which people were very scared to do after the property crash.  Marbella seems to have regained its confidence with offering a brilliant selection of off-plan modern properties; which proved to be hugely popular amongst savvy buyers who wanted everything just perfect.  (For 10 reasons on why you should buy off-plan click here.) This shows there is trust in the market again and people are keen to get themselves a great deal in this little paradise in the south of Spain.

So if you are one of those people make sure you contact us now, we only represent quality properties and ones with no hidden costs so you can be sure you know exactly what you are buying and for what price.

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