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So for those living in Marbella or planning a trip you may have seen that the weather has not been great.  Thanks to Storm Emma and Storm Felix we have had a lot of rain and wind.  Not the normal sunshine everyday that we usually get.  Luckily it seems like the rain should be slowing by the end of the week then next week there will be more sun, although still light rain some days, nothing like what we have been having.

For those that have been waiting for the Nobu hotel it is said that the grand opening will be the 29th March, it is adults only and will give its guests that luxury service they expect when coming to a place like Marbella.

Those who are Julio Iglesias fans, if you have a big pocket, a really big pocket, you can get your hands on his property near Ojen on a 45 hectare plot for a cool €145million! Like I said you will need a really big pocket.  Luckily he knows a lot of rich people, however, I'm not sure how many people want to spend that much on a property.

Also for those who enjoy long walks on the beach, be very careful as along the coast there are a number of lethal sting rays being washed up to shore, this usually happens after storms and we have had a lot of storms lately.  They are blue and purple in colour and you shouldn't touch them as they can still sting when dead or even if the tentacles are removed so stay away if you see any.  Take extra care with children and pets.

Looking for something inspiring?   Then March 20th 6.30pm get to the Cinema in Puerto Banus as they are hosting the Andalucian Premiere of the Al Gore Documentary Truth to Power.  All about Climate Change and trying to encourage global leaders to use reusable energy.  It will be in English with Spanish subtitles and 30 minutes before there will be a talk about the effects of global warming on the Costa del Sol.

If that doesn't interest you , here are some other events coming up in Marbella in the next few days:

The Beer Festival in Coin starts 16th March at Plaza de la Alameda

17th March is St Patrick's day and there is a festival in the Constitution Park.

and March 14th, 21st, and 28th there is a free guided tour at the Picasso Museum in Malaga.   The museum is open daily 10am - 7pm and admission is €9, see all the information by clicking here.

So that's it all your latest news.

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